A Talk With Citizens Of Humanity: SS/16 And Sculpt Sustainability

Who is the Citizens of Humanity girl?
Our vision for the Citizens of Humanity customer is a timeless and confident woman. She is conscious of social good, has an appreciation for travel, and cares about her long-term impact on the environment. When it comes to denim she is someone who does not comprise on style or quality, and who appreciates an effortless, impeccable fit.

This season you're giving nod to the seventies, what drove you to pay homage to this particular era of denim?
The majority of the inspiration for all of my designs come from the 60s and 70s. This is the era in which I grew up and feel very inspired by the fashion, furniture, cars and even music from that time. This Spring, we continue to be moved by the 70’s. We see glimpses of this influential fashion era in vintage-inspired high rise silhouettes and flared denim. The collection takes on a fresh powdery shade range from hints of icy blue to powdery mid blues to classic shades of indigo that are quite reminiscent of the 70’s era. The inspiration is very apparent in a number of the season’s flared retro styles including an ultra high rise flare named the Cherie which gives a flattering illusion of mile long legs, as well as the classic high rise flare style named Fleetwood offered in a variety of clean and vintage inspired washes. We continue to implement new innovation in laundry methods to improve the look of our vintage washes in the most authentic way possible.

We’ve spotted faces such as Chrissy Teigen, Candice Lake and Joan Smalls in your jeans. Who would you most like to see styled up in Citizens of Humanity?
We’ve been so lucky to have some incredible men and women as devoted fans of the brand. Chrissy, Candice, and Joan are a few of our favourite ladies and we’re so grateful to see them wear our styles time and time again. We also wouldn’t be upset to see Emmanuelle Alt and Carine Roitfeld wearing Citizens of Humanity, as both ladies always look so polished and beautiful.

With sustainability becoming a major player in contemporary culture, what exactly makes your denim so sustainable without compromising on comfort?
Denim is a living fiber because the hand and the colour always changes. The character of the marks on each pair of jeans changes over time with each wear. Denim is truly the foundation of every person’s wardrobe, an essential item that can easily be dressed up or down. Over the years, we have set ourselves apart through our commitment to cutting edge style, comfort, and fit without compromise. At Citizens of Humanity, we design, market, and produce our jeans in an internal laundry facility in Los Angeles to ensure our product is unparalleled. In addition, we have several specialty lines such as our SCULPT fabrication and Premium Vintage collections that allow us display our mastery of the craft.

The Parker fit have stormed their way into the press, being cited by a mass of style influencers. Why have these jeans proven so popular in the blogosphere?
We are beyond thrilled with all the love that the Parker Fit has been receiving. It is always so incredible when you put your heart into creating something that you hope everyone will embrace and they do just that. With the huge rise in classic fits, we wanted to create a jean that evokes that vintage, well-worn feel for the modern woman. We feel this particular style has received such praise due to its authentic vintage look but with a softer feel and fabrication that hugs the body in all the right places which is rare to find with vintage denim.

With the curation of your social posts playing a key role in the brands identity, how has new media impacted you over the past twenty-five years?
As different media channels evolve, we as a brand have adapted to the way of the world, which has been a really exciting venture for us. Social media has offered us a platform to share content with our followers and tell our brand story in a way that we weren’t able to before. In addition to our website, our Instagram acts as an important avenue to share content from our editorial magazine, HUMANITY. The magazine is published biannually, sharing timeless, inspiring stories on all aspects of culture.

Finally, your new collection embraces both new silhouettes and the classic fits we know and love. What jean fit should we be absolutely be wearing this season?
This Spring, it is all about classic vintage fits. We believe in the non-stretch denim and high rise fits reminiscent from the 90’s to make a strong come back this season. We are doing extremely well at retail with two of our newest fits named the Liya and Cora, which embody the effortlessly worn-in feel and look of a vintage pair of jeans. The Liya is an early 90’s inspired fit with a higher rise, tapered leg and a slightly shorter inseam. The Cora has a very similar top block as the Liya, but has a wider, relaxed leg. Both fits can be worn cuffed or uncuffed, depending on your preference, and are must-have items for the season.

- Lizzy Kirkman for QA

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