Shaina Mote Ready-To-Wear: Identifying Modernism

In for the running as one of LA's most prolific emerging designers, Shaina Mote is reworking each season with a sustainable functionality.

A far cry from fast-fashion, Mote's design manufacturing is lined with a socio-economic ethos, supporting local economy and helping growth of family run businesses. The designer also utilises natural and plant-based fibers such as rayon, bemberg, cupra and wool; emphasising longevity through both superior craftsmanship and unparalleled fit.

Giving nod to English sculptor Barbara Hepworth, Mote delves into wooden closures, tobacco tones and shapely silhouettes; identifying modernistic sculpture and shape. The Autumn 2017 ready-to-wear collection reworks rib knits, accordion pleats and pinafore-fronts; while a minimal palette pulls focus to easy-to-wear neutral tones, assuring lasting wearability. New to Mote, the season also brings a small treasury of footwear - featuring novel squared-off toes and leather slingback mules pillared with a thick bamboo heel.

Season after season we see Mote reimagine new ways-to-wear, with each collection becoming even more combinable - peasant sleeves, tie dresses, drawcord strings, customisable lengths and reversible fits. The inimitable designs have a timeless demeanour, offering a season-less core collection by the construction of regenerative pieces. Underpinned with a strong design philosophy, Mote offers minimalist design with multi-functionality, bringing each season a new lease of life.

Lizzy Kirkman